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CABAU HOTELS - Privacy and Confidentiality

PANOVA,S.A Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Baleares Folio: 73 Tomo: 398 Libro: 324 Hoja nº: 8297 Inscripción: PRIMERA Calle Pinzones, 61 07181 Palma Nova - Calvià Baleares Tel. 971 68 15 13 Fax 971 13 45 15


Welcome to the website of Cabau Hotels. In the aim of guaranteeing the good use of this site, please find below the conditions that regulate it. The user agrees to respect as well as to revise from time to time the said conditions. Cabau Hotels reserves the right to makes any changes it may consider opportune without prior notice.


The rights governing industrial & intellectual property as regards the elements that appear on this page, such as; makes, commercial names, logos, names of dominium, photos, texts etc. are the property of Cabau Hotels and are fully protected under national and international law.

Any unauthorized use of these elements (images, texts, logos or any other material that appears on our website) such as the reproduction, publication, modification, addition, elimination or any other activity without the express authorization of Cabau Hotels, supposes a violation of the law regarding intellectual and industrial property, as well as any other laws applicable.

The service of access to the bank of images in the section for ‘Professionals’ has its own set of conditions governing its use. In the event of the existence any kind of infraction, the titular of the contents is authorized to file legal proceedings to protect their constitutionally recognised rights.


In order to offer a quality service, Cabau Hotels reserves the right to make any changes it deems opportune, in products and services offered through its website, without prior notice.

As regards the price of services, Cabau Hotels can make changes without prior notice, however prices offered at the time of making a booking must be respected.

All offers are valid only during the period fixed by Cabau Hotels in its advertisements.

Cabau Hotels guarantee that the information regarding the description of the different hotels, the services on offer and any other content of the website, corresponds to reality.


Cabau Hotels guarantees compliance with the organic law 15/1.999 regarding the Protection of Personal Data, with respect to personal data that has been obtained through this website.

Cabau Hotels also guarantee the confidentiality of all communication from users through the website.

Cabau Hotels reserve the right to use comments or opinions sent by clients for commercial ends e.g. the expression of satisfaction with a service offered to clients or the recommendation of services available on the website.


Cabau Hotels will not be held responsible for the information offered on other sites by third parties with links to our website. The existence of such links is for information purposes only without supposing a recommendation or an invitation to visit the said sites.


The user of this website should act in good faith. It is expressly forbidden for users to infringe or try to infringe the security measures established for the good functioning of this web page, including but not exclusively: access to information or data of a reserved nature that are no aimed for visitors to the site, the sending of virus or Spam mail. The infringement or attempted infringement of the system’s security or of restricted information gives Cabau Hotels the right to pursue such activity and demand either civil or penal responsibilities.


Cabau Hotels cannot be held responsible for:

  • Interruptions to availability of information due to cuts in the power supply.
  • Internet, disconnection from the net, caused by forces out with the control of Cabau Hotels.
  • Damage caused by computer virus.
  • Defective use of website by users. Users are responsible for communications sent to Cabau Hotels as well as the data they introduce, and consequently for any problems caused by false or erroneous data.

Cabau Hotels can interrupt the service of its website, with justification and for security reasons, without the user having cause to make any claim eg. for maintenance purposes, to modernise or restructure the computer’s resources to improve services.


In the event of third parties incorporating adverts on our page by way of banners, links, pop-ups etc. the firms concerned state that they comply with the legislation regarding intellectual and industrial property, and so they are solely responsible for the images, texts, logos and information contained in the said advertising.


Cabau Hotels reserves the right to demand civil or penal responsibility against anyone who infringes the established conditions.


Should any condition of these clauses be ruled null by a judge, it does not invalidate the rest of the clauses or suppose the invalidity of the agreement as a whole.


Any controversy originating from, any of the contents of this page or any of the conditions established for the it’s correct use, will be resolved under Spanish law, under the jurisdiction of the courts of the Balearic Islands.